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In Sinsations you play as Kosuke, Lucifer's newest Deadly Sin of Lust. Kosuke has to seduce all 6 of the other Deadly Sins to prove to Lucifer he's up to the challenge!

Numerous ends, hundreds of backgrounds and CGs, and full voice acting!

Note: This game contains nudity/sex, alcohol and drug use, and violence. Please do not play if any of these things bother you. We want people to enjoy the game, but realize not all content is for everyone.


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sinsations for Windows 2 GB
Version 1.1.0
Sinsations for OSX 2 GB
Version 1.1.0
Sinsations Strategy Guide.txt 88 kB

Development log


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I am new to all this can someone explain how I can play the game after buying and downloading the files?

Hi Tsukikage,

It should be immediately playable, can you tell me what's going wrong ?



I have the files downloaded but only have files. A game didn't appear and I dont see anything that looks like the game on my home screen or even on this site

Are you on Windows or Mac?

If you are on Windows, inside of the files that are downloaded there should be a .exe file that you can run to play the game.

If you are on Mac, what gets downloaded should be a Mac app and it will launch accordingly.

Sorry I took so long responding but I checked the files again today and non of them say .exe the files I do see are called Sinsation mac release. Sinsations Strategy guide.txt. and sinsationsvn windows release zip.

The only thing I see that says app just takes me to a folder that says content that leads me to more foldrs

Its a chrome device



one of my friends recently introduced me to this game and I love it so far! Greed is my absolute favorite!

However I've been having trouble finding the last image on his gallery, I got it from steam and tried following the guide but I can't seem to find it :( Hope you can help,

thanks in advance!


It is likely the second true ending ( ^^)/ if you follow the guide, there's two of them, for Greed.

Let me know if that works!


is there any chance to you make an android version? :)


Hey! After a long time just started to play the game again, making me realize once more how superb it was, especially because of the voice acting and wittiness, which leads me to my question.

Are you planning on creating a dlc or a second game?

Because you guys really amazed me with your game, much love <3


Hi Akashisoka,

We are making a sequel currently! I will update this with the next demo, and any affiliated links, probably end of August ^^

Thanks so much for the kindness! <3

Thanks for the quick reply, the news made my day!

Best of luck with the work ^^

Hi I have question can I download this game for android 


Hi Remee,

We had a lot of trouble with converting the game to android, so unfortunately at this moment no. We're going to revisit it at some point, but due to the nature of some small graphics in the game (Envy's route) and a few other locations, we weren't able to make it work. Sorry about that :(


No problem, I'll wait

Aww:( I hope it dont takes too long, i really wanna play this

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How do I get the game screen smaller  and how do  I get Lucifer path and  Chester path?  Cause Lucifer and Chester path are not in the guide.

Hi Gammaryu,

The game screen should go to full screen, there's no option for scaling. The Chester and Lucifer paths are not included in the guide, because there is only one choice between them ( ^^)/ They appear in the main menu under "Bonus" once you have completed the game.


Hi, I just finished the game , going through every route, completing the gallery and achievements and the bonus tab hasn't appeared yet, is that a glitch on my part?

Hi MysticalMira,

Hmm, I'm not sure what would be causing that; who was the true ending with? I can check into a few things and see but difficult to discern what would cause that.

Let me know who you dated last and I'll check ( ^^)/ sorry about that.

I just went through the Sloth true ending today and even went through the credit scene and let Judas stop speaking his lines, but still no luck.

Hmm, that is odd; I've not heard of this happening anywhere else and just tested it myself.

The bonus tab appears in the main menu, not the Hellphone. If this doesn't work, you can email me or contact me on Discord, and if you zip up your save file I can take an exact look at what is happening.

My Discord is Whitehand#3403 ( ^^)/

Email is sinfulwhitehand @ gmail.com

Wait, something weird just happened, I played through Envy's true ending and it suddenly appeared?

Hmmm, odd. Well I'm glad it is available to you now, but I'll take a double check through the code just to make sure ( ^^)/


Hi Kouken,

The CGs that are missing can be due to making different choices, order of dating Sins, and true/ bad endings. We have a guide up if you'd like to see how to get the ones you're missing ( ^^)/

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi Coco,

There's some text that does not show up depending on whether or not you meet Sydney on a play through, or Grant. Maybe that is what is happening? If not, let me know the exact place and I'll take a look. Thanks for your help! ( ^^)/

Deleted 1 year ago

I was wondering how do I get to Lucifer path after finishing the game?

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi Loikoi,

The Bonus tab will appear once you've finished the game in the main menu. 

Cheers ( ^^)/

Hi! I've bought it on steam. Where can I find a strategy guide there?


Hi there,


Is the link to the guide ( ^^)/ it is under the community.

I hope you have a good time!

Deleted 1 year ago

I got that easily. You just have to sit and wait for him to sing his song on stage. Choose to stay and don't click anything when the song starts, and you'll get it. I got it cause I enjoyed listening to the song. xD

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
(2 edits)

Yes, each true ending route seems to have some additional photos that I've seen. Mind you, I've only done Envy, Greed, and Gluttony's true endings. And Greed has 2 true endings. (everyone else only has 1)

And to get a route's true ending, you have to romance everyone but your main guy, then romance him last. Example: to get Pride's true ending, you have to date him last of the 6. A little annoying if you want to grab them all, but skip function is a godsend for that. =P

I suggest saving your top 3 guys for the last three, then save before you start them so you can swap whose last from there depending on what true ending you want to get.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

No idea since that literally came out. xD Don't think we have a guide for him yet. Though its pretty easy, just saving before and paying attention to what answer boosts affection. Guide was most useful for me to realize and nab Greed's 2nd true ending. 

hello there! is there a speculation to when the update will be? 

Hi funnypaw,

We have put up the last version today ( ^^)/


how many endings are there?

Hi Kurageko,

There's a lot of endings. I don't recall exactly how many, but we have the guide up on here as well, so that will lead you to every possible ending and easter egg there is, if you want. It is no charge ( ^^)/

I hope you like the game!

:) thank you!

Hi there, any news for the Lucifer route patch? I'm so excited for it. :D

Hi there,

I just got the final background given to me from the artist, today! So, we've got it into a working build; going to submit it to all the platforms shortly, and likely release it early next week.

Cheers ( ^^)//

Thanks for the updates, very excited for it!

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi Sundust,

I've copied this over to the programmers; we're taking a look at it. Sorry about that error, we've not encountered it before. I'll update here with what we find out.

Hi Sundust,

Are you using an M1 Mac? If not, you can download the Mac Intel version.

If you are on an M1, we've only got a virtual publisher for an M1 Mac, so we don't have the ability to test it extensively. We plan to get one this year, but since we didn't have one for publishing the current beta build, there can be errors that we can't really troubleshoot. So that's why it's a beta version.

If you're on an M1 and it still isn't working, it's probably best to just refund it for now, as we're working on finalizing the last paths for the game, so we don't know when we can take a look at the M1 build and start troubleshooting it.

I'm sorry about that; I'll keep things updated on the builds as I have more news on them on Twitter/Discord.



(3 edits)

Great news!! I managed to get the game to open!  :) :) :)

I tried a bunch of things from updating my Mac, to trying out command terms in the Terminal. Now that I've figured it out it's so much easier than what I was trying. :)

How to play the game on an M1 Mac:

- Install the Intel version

- Right click the game in finder

- Hit "Get Info"

- Check the box beside "Open in Rosetta"

- When  a new message appears saying apple couldn't check the security of the app (well I've dealt with this message before),  hit the question mark.

- Scroll down to hit "Open the general pane for me" (This is just a shortcut to Security and Privacy in system settings).

- Grant the app permission to open regardless of security concerns.

I hope this helps anyone else who really wants to play the game but also only has an M1 to play on. 

Thank you Whitehand for making this super fun  game. :)  

Best wishes. :)

Hi Whitehand,

thanks a lot for your communication and effort.

Still I cannot play the game on my M1 mac. I would like to claim for refund. How can I do that?

The best


Hi Toketoro,

For purchasing through itch.io, you have to contact their support for a refund. We're still working on M1 and tablet stuff, so it hasn't been abandoned, so hopefully have it available for you in the future ( ^^)/



I'm  finished  envy's route and I'm missing two cgs and I can't figure out what it is and I'm probably going to try and get all the endings again if not I'm so lost but I really love this game 

Hi goddess,

Sorry you're having trouble getting the last two CGs; we have a free guide available here and on Steam if you'd like to take a look at that. It contains everything in the game, so don't look if you don't want spoilers ( ^^)/

You might also be missing Envy's true ending CGs, which you get from dating him last. 

I'm glad you like the game ( ^^)//

Deleted 2 years ago

I finally found it was the choice  Wow. I think I've forgotten all about the shower lol I didn't have that choice until I dated him first.

(1 edit)

Hey I was playing the game and I almost finished all the sins! Or so I though cause my last would be Gluttony and I got an achievement on ending his route. But strangely after beinh back on the street after finishing his route I get messages from Greed which is about Alexander picking Lust up, but when I try to advance the game from there I get Lust saying "..." and with that I get back to the game title.... I assume this is a bug? Please help me ><


That is very strange, I will ask the programmers about this, and follow up here. Sorry about that; I'm not sure what would be causing that.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! If you want I can screenshot or make a video of it so it might be more detailed to what happens to the game than my chaotic explanation in broken English haha


A video would be very helpful! You can email it to me at sinfulwhitehand@gmail.com. Thank you!

Oh shit I think I have broken the game now for real... I have no saving files no more... and if I restart the game it shows the text box but nothing more... Lemme see if I did something wrong whil moving the game

Okay! I fixed that part. I moved (by accident) a resource file woopss.

I will send you the video now to that email address!

Hi Chibi,

I looked at the video,  and you're saying since Gluttony was your last to date, you should get his true ending, correct?

Even if Gluttony is your last Sin to date, you can only get his true ending if you don't make bad choices on his route. But if you do, you'll get a regular ending, Greed will text you, and then the game will end.

I think that is what you're asking about ? Let me know ( ^^)/

Why is it that I discover these really great games after either the Kickstarter campaign has ended or it's already out? I'm a bit sad that the stretch goal for Lucifer's route wasn't reached. But! I did really enjoy this game. All the voice acting was super awesome and it was able to hit a good mix of being serious and not taking itself too seriously sometimes.


Don't worry! I did Lucifer's path as a thank you for the people who supported us. We're going to patch it in shortly, maybe a couple days ( ^^)/ I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh my god, yay! *wriggles in her chair in excitment*

It is gonna be fully voice like the base game? This world can always use more voice work from Sarifus. That's super nice of you to include Lucifer's route. I can't wait! 🌸


so I enjoy the sins for sure but i was wondering if u would do like a side story game or something for some of the side chars because some of the side chars are really great


Hi Swimmer!

This is something I plan on. I'm glad you like the game ( ^^)/


(1 edit)

*reading the now available strategy guide*


*immediately runs to load up the game again*

Anything for my sexy overlord. xD

And.......awwwweeee...I loved it! Ahh! *dies*


LOL ;P I'm glad you liked it!


Hey I was wondering when the game would be available for android because i heard you guys would release it on android.

Hi Ordinary,

The android build has given us a bit of trouble, but it still is in the works! I'll update here when we have more info.

Cheers ( ^^)/

Ah ok thank you:)

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Played through the entire thing, absolutely amazing game. Loved it from start to finish!! I wish it was longer! Loved every single character and their stories, with a soft spot for Envy. I also loved how every side character wasn't just some nameless faceless cardboard cutout, they were all real characters with unique personalities. I also was so impressed with the voice acting, I honestly have never heard half decent voice acting in an english visual novel before, but you guys killed it. Usually I'm cringing through terrible acting but whoever you guys cast they did a wonderful job. I could tell this game was made with a lot of love and attention to detail. I want to tell everyone I know about this game but I can't because I'm still in the closet and it would be weird LOL. And I hear there is a potential Lucifer route and possibly a sequel? If so, please for the love of god TAKE MY MONEY. Also I loved the Death Note potato chip reference, I lol'd.

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you enjoyed it. The Lucifer route is all finished, we are going to release it as a patch with the Chester route around Christmas! I'm working every day on the sequel, and will probably have a demo of it a few months into the new year ( ^^)/


(1 edit)

Hej, I just bought the game a few minutes ago and tried to launch the Mac version on a new M1 mac. The game just crashes on startup, no error codes. What can I do?

I'm sorry to hear! Looking into it, we don't currently support M1 Macs. We will look into making a version of the game this week that supports the M1 Macs but we don't have a way to test it unfortunately and so can't guarantee that it will work. Once it is made, we can release it here as a beta release until we are more confident that there aren't any major issues from you trying out the game :)

Hello again! We have uploaded a separate version for download that should hopefully support the M1 macs. We don't have any M1 macs to test so we can't guarantee it works, so we have it listed as a beta here for the time being. If you want to download that and try it out and let us know if it works and if you run into any issues, that would be extremely helpful!


(1 edit)

Just started playing recently. The writing is great. Images are awesome. Good voiceover. Like the game a lot!

I'm really happy to hear it! ( ^^)/ Thank you!


i think we should thank greed for inventing being hot


*lights a candle for my Greed shrine*


Greed is the canon ending for me. xD He and Lucifer...just...ugh, I love a confident man with a sexy smirk. And a love a man that wants to rule the world. xD

So if I want Greed's true ending, I have to wait to date him last? Ugh, this will be a struggle. xD

*resists urge to snuggle Greed* x


Yeah, I think in my next game I'll just give people the option to get the true ending with the person they choose ;P

Probably best. I keep trying to save before my last three sins, and then accidentally saving over that. xD On a side note, I finished it and god...Greed is amazing. He and Lust are the true power couple. But it was so hard rejecting Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony. Now its hard to reject Greed to get their endings to. xD


I just play through the game and refuse to reject Envy. Then we live happily ever after. ;P

Envy deserves so much love. When I first saw the game, I thought Envy, Pride, and Wrath would be my least fave. So Envy surprised me with how much my type he was. Even a meteor shower date? As a space nerd, that won my heart.

But...Greed...Greed is 100% my type. I love confident men, I love smirks, I love a guy that wants to rule the world, I love his voice and appearance, and I love the fact that he just fits with Lust. Lust who wants sex and Greed who wants more of everything.

But lets not forget the big teddy bear, Gluttony.

In the end, even Pride surprised me. Though we might not make it considering my love for Hawaiian pizza. xD

(Sorry, was just playing for Glutt's true ending, and it got me fangirling again. xP)

Only sad thing is, it would have been interesting to delve more into the other sin's abilities. Greed can make people gamble impulsively. But you don't really get to see the other sins powers. Unless Sloth and Gluttony have passive power that just makes ppl who are around them more sleepy/hungry.


Envy's ability just multiplies another Sin's ability, in proximity. That's why he has so many sex scenes. But that's the only one I'm gonna definitively say, ;P


Has anyone made a walkthrough yet

There is a walkthrough now!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey there again! I purchased the game and I love it. The level of quality compared to many other VNs in the same genre is quite amazing. 

I was just wondering if there were any plans to add a text speed option? Also, any word on a potential walk through / guide for getting all the CGs? Unless some CGs are locked behind doing a route last I have no idea how to fill in the blanks for Wrath  


PS to anyone on the fence, the game is super good. The voice acting, particularly, is quite phenomenal and I enjoyed the game way more than I thought I would. The price tag is totally justified. My only gripe is no text speed option, and in terms of typos/grammar issues I only ran into one which was glaring. Looking forward to the future routes and games! 


Hi Yingz0r,

We are looking at adding more text speed and text skip options, even for text you haven't seen.
The guide is still being worked on, there's a lot of tiny things in the game that need to be mentioned, so taking a little bit longer than I thought. But we hope to have it up soon ( ^^)/

I'm really happy you like the game! Thank you for the kind words!

Got it on steam and so far i love it, I'm doing it by order taking into account the last one should be the most important, anyhoo I hate to break their heart but i don't wanna lock romance 

I'm still in sloth but he cried and I was uughhh, if you don't reject them can you still choose someone else? :( 

I need a guide 🥺😭😭😭😭

Hi Mom,

I am glad you're enjoying it ( ^^)/ we have a guide almost finished, we will put that up as soon as it is. 

You can't really choose even if you don't reject them, as some endings permanently close off possibilities like that (without saying which endings). I think I will be a lot more flexible in the sequel, though.


Thank you!! I guess i have to play the routes multiple times to unlock CGs and achievements since I'm missing a LOT D:

Oh thank the gods.... I just completed the 35/55 achievements on Steam and got all the CGs for Sloth... But the last few CGs and achievements I can't figure out how to get... and I think I'm doing Greed's route wrong since. I beat his route but I don't get anything that says true ending like the others.


i'm doing greed's route right now, and i've been wondering, how many endings per route are there?, cause i kinda want to do them all

who am i kidding, I want to do everything in the game ;)

Hey there!

Looking forward to purchasing the game on Steam, but just wishes to ask a few small questions. 

1) I noticed the mention of other routes (ie: Lucifer, Chester, etc). Will they be Kickstarter exclusive or will we be able to get them either as free or paid DLC? I totally don’t mind paying personally, but I hate the idea of content that there’s no way to access :(

2) In terms of 18+ scenes, is there just “one” scene per route as the finale to the route, or are there multiple sex scenes per romance option? Additionally, do we get to choose to top/bottom or is that set?

Thanks! I’ve been following the game for a while and I’m super excited to buy it, and future games :)

Hi Yingz0r,

The Kickstarter paths will be available in the game, they'll be patched in, in a later update ^^ so everyone can see them.

For the 18+ scenes, there are a lot of scenes over the course of each path, I think each path has somewhere between 4-7 scenes each, it varies.

The top/bottom is set, it changes depending on who you're dating.

I hope you like the game! ( ^^)/

thanks for the reply! sounds perfect—I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning! good luck and congrats on the release :)

Hello! Just started the game and love it so far! Just a quick question (I guess this is written somewhere but I can't find it): What does the pink/violet blinking mean when you make certain choices (where usually the blue up or red down arrows would be). Is this actually good, maybe indicating romance, or just "neutral"? Thx. :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi ArinRahi,

The pink / violet blinking is neutral. Neutral doesn't count against you for any negatives / bad endings, and sometimes you need neutral to get an achievement.


Ah, thank you, very helpful :D Cheers!

im buying this soon , cant wait to see gluttony,envy, and wrath.

I hope you like it! \( ^^)/

I just got the envy true ending and wow. It was what I was hoping for.

Aw I love Envy's true ending too ! ( ^^)//


Hi! I was just wondering if thier was still a demo put I cant seem to find one I want to know how the game is before buying it, but from just the looks of it now the art looks amazing!


Hi Starshine, 

There is a demo, but please be warned, it has a few bugs. The bugs in the demo have no plans to be fixed, but the full game has had, and will continue to have, bug fixes/updates.

The link for the demo is here: https://whitehand.itch.io/sinsations-demo


Thank you! i found out soon after how to open and play the demo it's great i'm planning on getting it on steam in the next week or 2 ,

(1 edit)

I've only recently bought the game and I've gotta admit that it's already exceeding my expectations. At the time I saw the Kickstarter, I didn't have the funds to support but I tried to raise awareness. I've only played Sloth and Greed's route and I love them both! Greed a little more than Sloth, though I honestly relate to Sloth on an almost fundamental level. 

Tbh I think I'm more in danger of "failing" because I don't wanna hurt the Sins' feelings and I keep saying I wanna be with them long term....which technically isn't a lie. They're perfect! .... I just....haha said this to two of the guys, so I know this is likely to cause issues at the end, especially if there's no poly scenes. 

Also Lucifer? I'm drooling over him and I didn't expect to. 

Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I will mention you get the true ending for the Sin you date last, so if that helps with your planning a bit ( ^^)//

This VN is just amazing! The voice acting the characters are all just great! Greed is my absolute favorite and I can't wait for the possible lucifer path in the future. 👀


Thank you for the kind words! Greed's voice actor is definitely top tier!

Heyho, it's me again, your devoted fan by now lol. 

I was wondering, besides the upcoming Lucifer route, will there be extra CGs added? Because I felt rather disappointed with Wrath route, avoiding spoilers, when I "take the Ryde back", the possible lust scene I'd have guessed would be similar to the Trevor achievement, instead there was nothing really.  So anything like that coming up? 

Still a fabulous game, thoroughly enjoyed it multiple times, especially love playing the Pride route, the voice acting is soooo good~

Hi Akashisoka,

We originally had paid to have an artist do this. Unfortunately, that artist went missing... Perhaps we will do an update later on with it, but currently no plans since we are working on Lucifer, Judas, and Chester (KS Backer) routes.

Thank you for the kindness, I am glad you're enjoying it!

(1 edit)

Hi, how's it going?

I bought the game and so far I've only done Greed's route, and I love it. I'm still trying to get all the endings though for his route, and I've gotten most of them. 

I actually had a little question though. Is there a possibility of you releasing a strategy guide some time in the future to tell players what choices to make to get certain endings? I think it would be quite helpful and I would certainly be willing to pay for something like that.

If not I understand, but I figured it was worth asking.

Also, when I get a bad ending I get the audio from the end screen but none of the visuals. I saw a lets player get the visuals that I don't so is this maybe a bug?

Hi Heaven Bunny,

I'm glad you like the game so far! There is a possibility of a strategy guide, we're looking into that. It wasn't something that had crossed my mind, honestly. We're looking at it and would probably just release it as a favor to the players.

As far as the bad end bug, do you have an example of when this occurs, and what computer/specs you're playing on? We'll try to track any bugs down!

Thanks for the feedback ( ^^)/

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi Heaven Bunny,

The other comment you posted had endings in it so I had to remove it, sorry about that.

But as far as the videos not working, I've talked to the programmers and the only thing they can think of is if it's an old enough laptop it might not have the codecs to play videos that have been used to encode the video. It's going to be a tough one to hunt down and fix.

Feel free to message me on Discord Whitehand#3403 with any other information or replications of the problem.

Oops, sorry about that!

Yeahhh… I don’t think it’s a game breaking issue or anything since the main game works fine, so I’m not too worried. I just thought it was worth bringing up. I admit that my laptop isn’t the most up to date, so maybe that could be it… who knows? Thanks anyway for the responses!

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