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Sinsations is a BL/yaoi dating visual novel with supernatural themes.  Explore numerous paths and multiple romance options. Game and demo both are 18+! Here's the characters!

If you like the demo, please consider backing us on Kickstarter! Thank you!


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can we get the full game here when it is finished? I was bummed i missed the Kickstarter, But I will support you here! :)

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is there a launch date for the full game? :)


Hi Cherrycolaa, 

Originally, we had thought we'd be able to release this past December. The game is mostly done, but some of the artists and art has taken longer than anticipated, or told to me. So, I anticipate it out this or the next month. But I can't make a solid guarantee, :)


I'm pumped for the full version of sinsastions! the voice acting, the artstyle, the characters themselves are just 10/10,!


Hi! The game is out?!

It says in development so i think the demo is out only.


Hi Sanjax, sorry for the delay on reply. It is not out, but we're trying to get it released soon!

Just bought the game and i'm hyped to play the full version!


Thanks so much Honey! We've got most of it done! Ironing out bugs is where we're at now ^^

No problem! I hope everythings going well with the game and hopefully the bugs can be removed :)

is the game still in development?

Hi Fliker,

It sure is, we're getting there! ( ^^)//

I'm playing the game right now and it's amazing! I'm also becoming friends with the VA who voices Lust already!

Kyaa! Can't wait for the full game :3

omg so sorry i think the period for your kickstarter has ended? Can you extend the date. I want to add a little to that ... i want to get the full game when it comes out.

Hi Sammitj, 

Unfortunately cannot extend, but if you wanted to back at a specific tier I can do that through PayPal with you; My discord is Whitehand#3403, if you have that, or I can private message you my email ^^


just played the demo loved the game, cant wait for the full version 😊

I'm so glad you liked it ( ^^)/

When it comes to the Sin and the symbols (blue arrow up, red arrow down, purple diamond), What does the purple diamond mean?

Hey itsevander,

I apologize for the lack of clarity, the purple diamond is a neutral choice. We'll make that more clear in the full version of the game ^^

No, that's perfectly fine! I just wanted to be sure! I'm in *LOVE* with the game and everything about it is outSTANDING. Keep up the amazing work!

can i download on mac?

Hi Snowflakea!

We are working on the mac and iOS builds right now!


For Lucifer's blue eyes, this game is legit AMAZING!! i love everything in this game totally,, how smooth n bitchy Kosuke (but in a good way since he's a lust) also other characters as well.. but the most is Lucifer,, like DAMN his voice took me to whole another level!! i even recorded his voice ngl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All about this are PERFECT, from story, voices, art styles, characters are really good n entertaining.. but there's one part that missing and it's skip button, so sometimes i need to start from beginning because i missed one dialogue or accidentally press next button..

I played all available routes n honestly i love Cody route more!! IMO he's as same like Lucifer n really smooth talker as well.. i'm looking foward for the final of this game, and i'm so EXCITED if y'all consider to make Lucifer route bcs I'LL BE SO HAPPY IN TEARS to play it !!

Keep it up and we all wait for more updates and news 🤍

Hi angelchintya,

Thanks so much for the kind words! We do have plans to include a Lucifer route if the Kickstarter does well! Thanks for all the kindness! <3

Great looking game so far. I'm playing on a 10 inch windows tablet (Surface Go 2). Will the final game have options to increase text size? I know my partner will have problems with the text size as it is in the demo. Also a button to access options and/or exit & save would be a great addition for touch based devices.

Hi REDvvizard,

We do have plans to increase the text size and have options for that- that's one of the main problems people have had with the demo, so it's good to know ^^ we're currently working on incorporating stuff for touch based devices, so I'll keep you posted!

Sounds great! I'll back the project next week on payday.

I backed you guys on the kickstarter, I've never played it but this Vn looks very promising and exciting so I hope you meet your goal!

Thanks so much for the support! <3

This game looks really interesting and I'd love to support it! Will the early bird KS reward be available again or was it only for a limited time?

Hi calmette,

The early bird option expired last night at midnight sadly, but the Sloth tier is close to it. We will be doing some giveaways on the discord server and Twitter in the upcoming weeks, so if you'd like to join those could maybe win a copy there!

There's going to be an iOS version, but not a macOS version?

There will be a macOS version as well ^^

Was looking for m/m games and came across this little gem, I adore the work put into it. Will Lucifer and/or Judas have routes once the full game is released, or is it just the sins? I'm doing Cody's route right now but intend to do all the demo routes, and I'm looking forward to Lucas and Alexander the most, although Silas interests me too - always a nice surprise to see older men in these types of games, especially if it's BL.

Hi mewmic,

Theres a stretch goals on Kickstarter right now for a Lucifer route, and Judas is a possibility currently due to backed rewards! We will have to see where things end up ^^

I'm amazed by the passion you've put in to make this visual novel come to life. The characters leave a lasting impact on you, and get you interested in wanting to know all of them more (well the ones that we can play at the moment LOL). Definitely backing this game! I appreciate the work you've all put in and it's amazing AF. I can't wait for the full release!  ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! <3

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Will this be available on Steam eventually? I don't mind waiting, but if you have no plans to put this on Steam I'll get it here directly on release day. :)

Edit: is there a way to help your KS with PayPal? I really want that $20 early bird pledge. >_<

Hi there ^^

We do plan to put it on Steam, but have to make sure every platform's guidelines are followed, so we haven't listed with Steam just yet. 

As far as the Kickstarter, I'm not certain if you can send private messages on itch.io here. If you can, send me one and I will take care of it with you after getting your information. If you cannot send a message here, my discord is Whitehand#3403, or you can join the Sinsations discord, here! https://discord.gg/M8CCvTF

Is the full version gonna be free?


Hi Horses, we currently have plans to release it in the 25$ range. There's been so many artists working on it, it would be mostly recouping what we have paid them so far. We are running a Kickstarter for it right now, and you can get it for 20$ currently on there, as an early bird discount. Cheers ^^

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Okay I just start the game and I am on Dimitri's route and I love it so far but who does the voice of Kosuke? Because he sound familiar to me.

Kosuke is voiced by @VoMylo on Twitter ^^

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Thank btw I finas the demo and I love it I wish I could back you guys up on Kickstarter but Kickstarter doesn't accept my credit card sadly

That's ok! Thank you for thinking of us ^^ I think we could take PayPal, so if that interests you some time send me a message and I'll get that sorted for you!

Hi, I want to play your game really badly, but how do you open it on a mac?

Hi gamer2233, currently the demo only plays on Windows, we are working on getting it onto Android and iOS soon!

Thank you !!

Really promising demo so far! Dimitri is super cute :3

He does seem to be a crowd favorite, but maybe he'll be dethroned after all the characters are available ;P

I'm really loving this game so far!!

I'm so happy to hear! ^^

Game looks interesting. Will it be released for Linux in the future?

Hi Tina ^^ we haven't looked at bringing it to Linux as of yet, but we are interested in putting it on as many platforms as possible, so if we can, we will! I will ask the programmers and edit this when I get a response ^^

i really love the art style, the music, voice actors, and it looks so good and i cant wait for the final product!

Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot ^^

Ok for now I´ve played Dimitri´s route in the demo and he was absolutely adorable!!! The character art is gorgeous and I really love the voice acting. I´m really liking the Kousuke . I´ll try playing the remaining character routes later XD.

But I did have a hard time with the saving buttons. I could only save in 3 slots (maybe that was intentional since it´s a demo but there was no hint that I could only use 3) and I couldn´t figure out how to at least delete them. 

Hi Murasaki, 

We did hear about a bug associated with resuming saves, and it does cause some issues especially when you have choices left to make. I apologize, we are working to isolate and fix it and will hopefully have an updated build for the demo shortly. For now the best suggestion I can offer is to not resume a save, just to start a new game for each path. Sorry again ^^;


Just here to saying that Dimitri is missing...

Hi Banh, 

Thanks for letting me know, I'll add his card in shortly!